Healing and communicating abilities have come to me from a very deep place, where the combination of my abilities and the outcome of my life have led me to your palm. My path to spiritual palmistry has gone through several steps in my life. The first step was my childhood, which I spent with learning difficulties and as an intuitive pianist\musician. Song arrangements reached me even then, without the ability to read music. My life has forced me to use creativity and intuition due to my being different. I became acquainted with palmistry while studying diagnosis and treatment of learning difficulties. I studied palmistry as a diagnostic tool for the diagnosis of clients in my clinic. I never imagined that palmistry would connect me to a different kind of knowledge- communication by looking at the palm. Through my own work with imagination (conscious dreaming) I developed a more and more updated way of seeing. For me this feels like being a blessed baby, who discovers a new ability and a "new dimension" every day, which grows bigger and clarifies the essence of things.

Throughout my travels in the world I have read the palms of tourists. By their reactions I understood that I had a special ability to see. Through their palms I could touch significant events in their lives, deliver a message for them including the reason why they came into this world, hardships and gifts presented to the world through the soul. A message is also given to the people regarding the lesson of human material and the way for correction.

The information I provided has greatly helped people and I soon found myself helping many others in finding their path in life (soul reading).

It all started with my mother who fled to England during World War II. While being in a circus she came across a gypsy woman and… palm reading. The gypsy who read her palm gave her a dark prophecy- a short life and an early death. The gypsy woman's prophecy, based on that palm reading, had occupied my mother greatly, being the daughter of Orthodox Jews who lost most of her relatives during the Holocaust and believed in superstitions. Even as a child I remember how she emphasized that palm reading to me. I was never even allowed to walk around in socks in our house, because "only orphans walk around wearing socks".

My father passed away when I was 10 years old, and I lost my mother at 19- this event greatly affected my life. I was always somewhat "different"- playing the piano without reading music, learning from experiences and not necessarily from books or teachers. An individualist. My life changed when I met an extraordinary healer who helped me through guided imagination. With her help I discovered the ability to close my eyes, see different events and experience them as though they were real, and also to heal myself...

Today I know and understand that the path of my life allows me to learn much about myself and others when I let things touch me in their own time, without relevance to anticipation, planning or definition. This is also how I conduct palm readings- when I hold or look at a palm, I close my eyes, let things come to me and I see… beyond the hands themselves, the essence of that person with all its layers.

My sessions combine a message, conversation and work through guided imagination.

There is no fortune telling in my sessions.

Zvi Ben Ami

Soul Healing Guidance and Therapy

Spiritual Communication of a Person's Essence

using the art of Palm Reading - Soul reading 

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