Before you reach me for a spiritual communication and guidance appointment, I wish to refer your attention to several issues

My method of palm reading exceeds the bounds of lines, character analysis or judgment. The most correct definition of my practice is – spiritual communication of a person's essence by way of palm reading. Palm reading for me is an opening for seeing beyond.


I connect to you through your palms. When I hold (or see) your hands I close my eyes and see you beyond your known self.  It is a connection to the soul; plenty of information about you is revealed to me. This is where I can see what you brought to this world, the strong parts that are brought here, the corrections that you should go through and so on…


A glance of your palms will reveal to me your encounters in this life, with differences and gaps between the areas of soul versus life. The information that I receive inwardly is being passed over to you in a message. This profound meeting of spiritual communication and guidance can be significant for those of you who travel through life searching…


We are body and soul; I call the soul "the hidden area" that resides in all of us… and we all reside in it, connecting with it by way of personal experience with guided imagery. The deeper we travel into this area, which is an inseparable part of us, the more we broaden ourselves from the area of the physical body and there… in the experience, through seeing, communicating and conscious dreaming (alternative metaphorical words for guided imagery) we meet the reality* that enables experience and self-correction that project onto our physical life. Our physical body enables us to dream and to heal ourselves in an area that can be called 'soul' and returns it to our earthly body, like the eighth sphere in the metaphor that connects the two areas.


We have reached life in human form in order to meet varying situations, to experience, to reveal and to overcome varying challenges in life, to rise above our cognitive fixation, which can only be accomplished in the human form, where it is possible to experience, to cope and to rectify and sometimes even rise above and beyond an uneasy destination. Every real change that takes place here in life is received in the area of the soul and is considered as a change.


The deeper you go into your hidden area you will become more creative and the human mind will balance and heal itself. The deeper you go into this area you will develop a healing ability, great creativity, some of you will develop communication abilities… and you will become more complete people, beyond emotional control, beyond expectations, beyond difficulties and even beyond earthly thinking and… this is significant strengthening.

My world view:

Your inner body is not solid, but hollow, with no physical shape; it is spirit that blows life in your physical body. It is the body's mindedness that created your body and that nourishes it, while simultaneously coordinating hundreds of highly complicated functions, of which only a fraction can be understood by the human mind. When you become aware of that, the mindedness becomes aware of itself. This is the elusive "life" that no scientist has ever managed to unravel, for the cognizance that searches for them is life.

(According to A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle)

Zvi Ben Ami

Soul Healing Guidance and Therapy

Spiritual Communication of a Person's Essence

using the art of Palm Reading - Soul reading 

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