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Soul Healing Guidance and Therapy

I can help you understand and find ways of healing in the maze of life in unique techniques received from channeling, for therapy and personal development

"The scariest thing is to accept oneself completely"

- Karl Young -


Palmistry, the way I see it (literally), is communicating\ spiritual seeing, through my unique senses and my intuitive abilities.

By looking at your palm I receive information about you. When I hold a person's hand I see their essence and layers, beyond their palm lines, and I can help them find their way in the maze of life.

"We are not human beings undergoing spiritual experience but spiritual beings undergoing human experience"

- Dr. Brian Lee Weiss -


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Skype sessions are possible

I live in Tel Aviv, Israel, and my native language is Hebrew. I can just as easily conduct sessions in English and German. If you live outside of Israel, a session on Skype is certainly possible .

For the session, I need to see you and your hands, so please use Skype on a laptop or desktop computer with a good camera. 

We will spend about one hour together and you will get much information about yourself, your reason for coming to this world, your life now and tools for improvement. There is no fortune telling in my sessions.

To get started, please contact me by visting my website where you can send me a personal message. Include your email address, phone number and skype name (if you have one). I will call you back. Communication via WhatsApp is also available.  

The amount for the session is payable before the session. I will send you a PayPal link for payment once you agree to the terms and we'll schedule the Skype session.

Tel Aviv, Israel

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Zvi Ben Ami

Soul Healing Guidance and Therapy

Spiritual Communication of a Person's Essence

using the art of Palm Reading - Soul reading 

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